Tis’ the season to buy the perfect gift! Are you still trying to think of the perfect gift for your co-worker, friend or child? Maybe something educational that will take their eyes off the screen? Lucky for you, we have a list of STEM-inspired holiday gifts that are sure to bring joy to your family and friends!


Anker 20100mAh Portable Charger 

Anker 20100mAh Portable Charger 

Portable Phone Charger

Is your colleague always on the go? A portable phone charger would be a huge lifesaver on a day with multiple meetings and limited outlets. This gift will surely bring joy throughout the year.

Customized Business Cardholder

Is your colleague constantly fishing through his or her wallet for a business card? What better way to say happy holidays than with a personalized business cardholder!

2-pack 10 foot iPhone charger

Got a colleague who constantly asks to borrow your charger? Surprise them with their very own charger, and they’ll be twice as likely to not ask to borrow yours.

College Students

New York Hall of Science Museum 

New York Hall of Science Museum 

Museum Tickets

Want to spend a special day out with the entire family? Take the family to an aquarium, a planetarium or a science museum for a day that kids - both young and old - will enjoy. Come with your student ID for a discount! Some of our favorites are the New York Hall of Science, the Intrepid Sea Air and Space Museum, and the National Museum of Mathematics.

Smart Watch

From phones to TVs to watches, technology is becoming smarter! Check out the chart in this hyperlink to compare the features for smart watches across various brands so that you can make a smart gift choice.

Ages 16 years+



3D Doodler Pen

Millennials and adults just want to have fun too! Have a knack for creativity? Check out this pen that allows you to draw in three different dimensions. It comes with 50 strands of filament that can be used to draw the most impressive designs in any dimension you choose. Note that refills cost extra.

Wireless Headphones

Figuring out what to buy older kids or young adults can be tricky. We think that these wireless headphones will easily please anyone though! Choose any brand from Sony to Beats for a sleek look and a high quality musical experience.

Ages 11 - 16 years old



XYZPrinting Mini Maker

Is your tween or teen interested in 3D printing? Check out this mini 3D printer! It connects to WiFi and is a great gift for creative kids.

littleBits Smart Home Kit

This cool kit allows you to automate your home, making gadgets like cat feeders and doorbell answering machines. The kit comes with a guidebook and various accessories that give insight into coding and robotics. Teenagers can even connect their creations to their smart phones!

Ages 6-10 years old

Cubelets Six 

Cubelets Six 


Each tiny cubelet robot has its own function! Make a robot that can spin, drive and light up! Additional cubelets are available separately for coding.


Meet Evo, the tiny robot that will delight children and adults alike. Using code symbols, robotics fans can work in teams to draw special code for Evo to follow. A great robot certain to entertain the whole family!

Scientific Explorer Science Lab Kit

Calling all chemists! Children will enjoy creating underwater volcanoes and exploding experiments, while learning about chemistry in a fun and engaging way.

VTech Kidizoom DUO Selfie Camera

Cheese! Who doesn’t love a selfie? Take your own photos with this awesome kids’ camera.

Ages 3+

Shape Mags Dome Set

Shape Mags Dome Set

Magnetic Tiles and Smart Max

Magnetic Tiles and Smart Max are blocks’ cool and popular cousin. Like blocks, magnetic tiles and smart max allow you to build incredible walls, bridges, towers and more by simply sticking together magnetically. Learn all of the basics of STEM, problem solving and critical thinking with these awesome sets! We rounded up our favorite sets, all of which are compatible with one another.


These strong magnetic tiles are perfect for your engineer! Start a new set or add to an existing set. These tiles are compatible with other brands of magnetic tile sets.

Shape Mags Dome Set

Add arches and domes to your magnetic tile world! Children will love adding these structural pieces to their existing set of magnetic tiles.

Magna-Tiles Pentagon Expansion Pack

Pentagons add new life to everyday structures, or can be used to create 3-D objects and unique bridges.

Smart Max

Build snakes, flowers and unique structures with these magnetic pieces. Train lovers will enjoy connecting them to their train collections. 

Ages 0-3 years



Building and stacking toys

All of these fun and interactive block sets are great toys to teach your kids how to build sturdy structures. As each tower, castle, or bridge tumbles down, kids have to think about how to make the structure stronger in the future. What an easy and fun way to develop problem solving skills at a young age!

Hungry Caterpillar Nesting Blocks

Does your little one love building? Little and big children alike can work together to stack these exciting Eric Carle inspired blocks, while learning numbers and colors at the same time.

Shape sorter

These shape sorters are great for practicing math and conceptual skills with little learners. 

Nesting Cups

A fantastic toy for busy learners, nesting cups teach spatial awareness and problem solving at a young age. Take these cups in the bath or bring them in the snow!

Wood block set

The options are infinite with this traditional set of wooden blocks. Little engineers can use their imagination to design roads, bridges, tunnels and houses for their other toys, trucks and trains. A great gift for siblings, with endless possibilities for engineering and imagination!