"Springtime experiments!"  Time to experiment! Young children naturally love experimenting. In this class, children will participate in exciting spring time science experiments to find out some important answers to their questions about the world around them. Concepts covered in this class include math, life sciences, chemistry and engineering.

Genius Explorers

(ages 2-3 with a caregiver)

  1. "Tall tale STEM challenges" Storybook STEM challenges come to life! Students will engage in exciting science experiments and design challenges connected to classic tales and children’s stories. Help the three little pigs build a stronger house! Redesign the “London Bridge” to stop it from falling down. Design a sturdy beanstalk to help Jack escape the Giant. Science concepts covered in this class include art and architecture, engineering, math and chemistry.

Little Genius  

(ages 4-5)


  1. "Real world challenges" The real world requires creative thinkers and problem-solvers. Students will be introduced to the scientific problem-solving process and real world team engineering challenges! Can your team complete the bridge challenge before the bridge collapses? Can you code a robot that can safely escape the maze? Can you help miners invent LED clothing that will help them see in the dark? In this fundamentals course, students will be introduced to the concepts of magnetism, chemistry, engineering, coding and robotics.

Junior Genius

(6-8 year olds)

  1. "Technology in the modern world" Calling all creative engineers! This course will focus on technology in the modern world. Children will gain an exciting introduction to real world engineering challenges and building design challenges. Can your team design a house that lights up when someone rings the doorbell? Can you code a robotic car that drives itself? Can your team design a bridge that can withstand the weight of a robotic car? Students will be introduced to concepts in engineering, electronics, robotics and coding.
  2. "Girls Who Invent" (Inventors course) Can you invent it? In our “Girls Who Invent” course, girls will learn about famous female inventors and create their own inventions based on everyday real world problems. Can your team design a functional cell phone holder, a doghouse that cools down a puppy or an LED hairclip to see at a concert? Concepts covered in this course include engineering, electronics and circuitry.

Senior Genius

(9-12 year olds)