Dad Build-a-Thons

It's no secret that dads love playing with magnetic tiles. Our Dad Build-a-Thons are just for you. Make a reservation, grab the kids, and show off your skills. The kids will love it, you'll love it, and mom will love that you're giving her a break. And trust us, that's actually really good for dads. ;-)


Build to Impress

At our Build-a-Thons, you will have access to our entire collection.

Not just hundreds of tiles, but tens of thousands

Can you imagine the possibilities? At Genius Gems, you don't have to.



Building Competitions

Our design competitions will put your skills to the test. Here's a sample of what you can expect:

Level 1 Challenge. Build the tallest structure.  Easy.

Level 2 Challenge. Build the tallest structure, faster than anyone else.  Tricky.

Level 3 Challenge. Build the tallest structure, faster than anyone else, blindfolded. Genius.


Tower Defense

The rules of Tower Defense are deceptively simple.  Do you have what it takes to win?

1. Build a tower.

2. Build a defense around your tower.

3. Roll the 2 pound ball down the ramp.  Try to knock down your opponent's tower, before they take down yours!