Genius Gems is the perfect STEM-based field trip for all ages.  We take the experience of playing with these magical tiles to a whole new level. No matter what the age group, Genius Gems will amaze and delight!

  • Design and build bridges, towers and cathedrals in our engineering lab, and see if they can stand up to a gauntlet of challenges. 

  • Hands-on robotics activities using award-winning Cubelets, Ozobots, and Cubetto, a hands-on robot for teaching kids code and computer programming.

  • Discover the power of magnetism, gravity, potential and kinetic energy and simple machines.

  • And much, much more! 


All the information you need to know about pricing, lunches, buses, and bathrooms. If you are interested in a summer field trip, please email us at to see if we can accommodate you.

Curriculum Connections

Find out which exhibits meet cross-curricular requirements. We’ve broken it all down by grade and subject matter.

Title I Schools

Some Title I schools may be able to visit Genius Gems for a discounted price. Contact us to find out if you qualify.