Here's what our inaugural class of interns - Nicole, Alexis, and Sarah - had to say about their experience working for Genius Gems.


Being passionate is important:

“The past few months have been a whirlwind of learning, collaborating and promoting a company to which I have become incredibly attached. Genius Gems was not just an internship opportunity for me, it became something I genuinely cared about and was determined to see succeed. A passionate and caring boss, our CEO Jennifer Romanoff became a friend, role model and outstanding leader in my life. Her persistence and dedication to her company and its core philosophy is truly admirable, and I hope to transfer her enthusiasm into my own endeavors moving forward.” - Sarah

The value of teamwork:

“I was able to practice what we as PR professionals preach: collaboration and the sharing of ideas. My fellow interns are two wonderful Seton Hall students who I probably never would have known outside of Genius Gems, and I feel we now have a special friendship formed from hours of working and promoting the company that brought us together. I learned so much from each of them, and realized the value in listening - TRULY listening - to others’ ideas and thoughts. I genuinely believe we only accomplished as much as we did because we worked as a cohesive unit, all striving toward a shared goal.” - Sarah



The rewarding feeling of seeing your vision come to life:

“Working hands-on at festivals, events and schools was a truly eye-opening experience. Seeing our activities and materials being executed and used by the public was a very proud moment. Watching young children smile and get excited by challenges and building tasks made all the hard work instantly worth it- this is why we do what we do. We want to bring people together; to connect not only magnetic tiles, but people as well.” - Sarah


Troubleshooting problems you never expected to come up:

“With a start-up, a lot of the work is either researching or doing the trial and error yourself. While I got A LOT of research experience from this internship, what has taught me most are the things that I couldn’t prepare myself for with Google.” - Nicole


Getting yourself motivated and being independently responsible:

“Working remotely is a unique experience. It pushed me to manage my time better, be more productive, and find motivation when I felt like I had none left. Overall, it made me a better worker. That is something I can take with me to any other job and in my education as well.” - Nicole


Expanding my creativity:

“Everything Genius Gems does revolves around fun. I think Genius Gems’ creative environment lets our ideas as interns flourish. We all bounce ideas off of one another. As an intern, I would have felt more pressure to get my work done quickly and to be less creative if that was not the case.” - Alexis




“Internships sometimes give off the vibe that you’ll only be getting coffee for your boss or making copies. That is totally not the case at Genius Gems. Our office environment is extremely laid back and you work on your own time so you don’t feel as pressured. Jennifer is the nicest and best boss ever (and even buys us doughnuts!)” - Alexis