Who can be an intern at Genius Gems?

  • College students who need to fulfill internship requirements for credit
  • College students who want to gain experience in their field of study

Are there any specific requirements?

Yes. Depending on the nature of the internship, there are varying requirements including number of hours, specific skills, and educational qualifications such as having completed a certain number of years or credits.

Interns must be willing to complete all required background checks. Those who will have direct contact with children as part of their position must meet all background clearance requirements before they begin. Genius Gems covers all related fees. Click here for more information about background checks.

Are interns paid?
No. Interns at Genius Gems are not paid but do gain the experience of working for a cutting edge business.

When can I do an internship?
Most internships are available throughout the year. Depending on the department, the hours and days of availability may vary.

What are the benefits of being an intern at Genius Gems?
Interns receive free admission to Genius Gems, discounts to special events, and discounts in the café.  Parking at Genius Gems is free.

How do I apply?
Please submit a completed Internship Application along with your resume and a cover letter. You may choose from one of the following options: